Madame Tussauds

For anyone who wants to get a closer look at famous Hollywood stars, authors, star athletes, artists, politicians and other prominent figures, visit Madame Tussaud’s museum. Here you will find life size wax sculptures of various personalities that look amazingly real.

Madame Tussaud’s wax museum is well-known for its ancient beginnings. It connected to the modern world through the wax figures of personalities that people of all ages across different nationalities know very well. Its world-renowned success paved its way for expansions in Hong Kong, New York City, Amsterdam and Las Vegas.

Madame Tussaud learned her craft of wax sculpting from a physician named Dr. Curtius for whom she worked as a housekeeper. Dr. Curtius was also the one who taught her how to model wax. Madame Tussaud practiced and mastered her craft by sculpting masks of people who were killed in France during the 19th century. The works of Dr. Curtius were left under the care of Marie after his death. In the year 1835, she held an exhibit of these works in London.

The Chamber of Horrors is one of the well-known grisly attractions. This display is not meant to scare people although it mainly consists of wax figures of the French Revolution victims, criminals, warlords and murderers.

Several pieces of her original works still exist. In fact, she did a wax figure of herself which is displayed at the museum’s entrance.

Madame Tussauds’ wax museum is probably one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. Millions of people visit the museum every year and have their pictures taken beside the life size wax figures of famous personalities. There is a good chance of you finding your favorite Hollywood movie actor or actress and sports star in this wax museum.

Some of the famous people whose wax sculptures are displayed at Madame Tussaud’s include artists like Beyonce Knowles, Madonna, Tina Turner, Luciano Pavarotti, Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, George Clooney, Nicholas Cage, Robin Williams, Ozzy Osborne and Johnny Mathis; star athletes like Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi and Micheal Jordan; well-known personalities such as Princess Diana, George Bush, Oprah Winfrey and Adolph Hitler.

The wax sculptors worked on the wax figures meticulously taking in every small and minute detail to make them look alive and almost real. You would be surprised at how they can create such effect.

In the same building is the London Planetarium which can be found at the west wing which is now being referred to as the auditorium. Regular shows are scheduled everyday. Inquiries can be made via telephone call in order to get the exact time for the shows.

The ideal time to visit these famous London attractions is early morning or late in the afternoon. This is to avoid having to wait for too long in the lines. Madame Tussaud’s is not only famous among visitors and tourists. It had also become a common attraction among the people living there due to the constant and latest additions in their displays.