Kensington Palace

The history of the gardens can be traced from way back 1600’s. It was during this time that King William purchased the Nottingham House. Remodeling of the house transformed it into a palace. Through the Hyde Park, the garden was expanded from its original land area of 12 acres to 100 acres.

Since early 1800’s, the Kensington Palace served as a home among the royalties. Although it is still regarded to as the royal residence, some areas had been opened as tourist spots. It was in 1899 that the palace had been opened for public viewing.

It was during the reign of Queen Anne, George I and George II that the palace had undergone remodeling and significant improvements. During the latter part of the year 1890, the house started to get worn out and news came about that it will be demolished. However, Queen Victoria decided to restore the building and during the late 1800’s, the restoration was finally completed.

The first floor holds a room named the Red Saloon where council meetings are usually conducted. Restoration of some parts of the palace had been done.

Display of a wide collection of dresses worn by royalties as well as hats and bags can be found in here. This display can be traced back during the time of Queen Elizabeth II.

Within the vicinity are the Kings and Queens apartments. Original artworks, portraits of families and other exhibits can be found in these apartments. These displays can be traced back all the way during the time of Queen Mary II.

Open for public viewing are the Victorian rooms which show an actual display of furniture and other personal things originally owned by Queen Victoria and her husband named Albert.

The palace’s exterior is considered a legacy of architectural designs surrounded by a breathtakingly landscaped garden.

The garden of the palace blends perfectly well with the Hyde Park. Queen Caroline, wife of George II, was the one who took initiative on this project and had been hands-on in ensuring that the project will turn out well. There are more than 600 acres of beautifully landscaped garden in between the Hyde Park and palace.

Surrounding the palace is a lake extending to about a mile which is referred to as Serpentine. This lake is a famous among nature lovers who love to go boating. Several ponds can also be found around the vicinity surrounding the palace where children can enjoy feeding ducks.

The beautifully landscaped garden contains sculptures some of which are Peter Pan, Elf and a statue of Queen Victoria which was done by her daughter.

There are also fountains, peaceful walk ways and ornaments along the garden. The place in itself is a wonderful place for flying kites, hiking, rollers skating and biking.

A memorial to Princess Diana had been recently added in the park as an attraction which is a large sculpture made up of black granite surrounded with beautiful flowers.

Another memorial which can be found is that of Albert Hall which had been present there for the Queen since the 1870’s. It is a magnificently designed hall with a dome glass for a roof and serves as a theatre for plays and concerts.

To sum it all up, London is a city that offers beautiful and historic scenic spots. A short trip in this city is not enough to be able to visit all the wonderful places that await you.