London’s Most Famous Department Store: Harrods

London has been known for its historical museums, world-famous architecture, amazing gardens and landscape, posh restaurants, bars that offer all-night parties and of course, the majestic palace. Moreover, London also offers an ultimate shopping experience. For this, Harrods is probably the most popular shopping destination for anyone who has set foot on London.

Established by a grocery wholesaler named Charles Harrod, the shopping center’s origins can be traced from the year 1800. Its success paved the way for 100 employees.

In 1800’s, a major fire incident happened around Harrods’ vicinity. Still, it managed to remain strong and operational. People were astounded at how it was able to bounce back after the major fire and still was able to make deliveries for Christmas. They managed to supply fresh fish to Albert Hitchcock as requested and met other customers’ requests without hassles and excuses.

Harrods also has a beautifully designed architecture with terra cotta design and intricate décor. Baroque dome and nouveau windows highlight the store and create an impressive and majestic yet comfortable feel among the shoppers – very typical of London.

In 1980’s, Harrods stepped into yet another milestone when London’s famed family bought it for more than 1 billion dollars. They have the ownership for it since then. Millions were spent for its renovation and expansion of its operations.

Now here is the trivia, famous Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan or more commonly known as the “James Bond” worked in the store’s pharmacy department. There were several other Hollywood names that were once part of this store’s operations. Harrods can be considered as a shopping event in itself. Part of its daily operations is entertainment wherein musicians, singers and choirs perform in the store.

Harrods can also satisfy your vanity. Pamper yourself in the store’s salon or indulge in optimum relaxation at their spa. Anyone would also love the perfumery and cosmetics department which usually draws attention and never fail to keep people young and old alike.

If you came to shop, brace yourself to visit its seven floors. You might want to bring your trainers. Expect the ultimate shopping spree of your life and discover fine brands and items. Feast your eyes while strolling along the store from end to end, from the first floor all the way to the seventh. Here is another trivia; Harrods had the very first escalator in history. Clearly, it will do everything to keep its shoppers comfortable. It might also be of interest for you to know that it has 10,000 light bulbs to guide your way through shopping.

Get a taste of 200 cheese varieties at Harrods or experience a unique coffee or tea experience. If you are on the lookout for unique and expensive gifts, you have come to right place. Here you will find a $10,000 worth of golden bunny and many other specialty products.

Who could possibly miss the crystal chandeliers that adorn the store’s ceilings? These chandeliers are fit to be in the queen’s majestic palace. They are embellished with jewelries and are absolutely expensive.

People from London can give you directions on how to get to Harrods. You may also take the tube or the subway system to Knightsbridge Station. Once you’re there, never miss the chance to experience the most delightful shopping spree imaginable!